What I’m Loving Lately {10 Things} Part 1

What I’m Loving Lately: {10 Things}

  1. New Orleans: The city of love, life and the open container policy. The Crescent City has so much to offer, it is full of people who have a joy for living and an atmosphere (all drinks aside) that encourages people to take it easy, express themselves and is open for creativity and conversation. My introverted self has not made it to Bourbon yet, so if that’s what you have lived thinking is NOLA’s main attraction let me tell you – it’s not. {More on things to do here.}

  2. Photography  Instagram
  3. My Rainies ~ because it rains on and off, all the time. IMG_0841
  4. My job{s} ~ Uptown girl goes downtown to the French Quarter, anddown the bend, then straight on Magazine till morning. I have acquired {and earned} three jobs during my stay in the Crescent City. It’s absolute chaos, but there’s nothing that helps you learn a city better than trying to be on time to three jobs. {But there’s also nothing that keeps you from blogging like it either – sorry guys.}
  5. Perspective ~ Nothing like life behind a lens, and in front of a keyboard. There is so much to be said, and at the same time there is so much to be lived. {Balance & Breathe, that’s my mantra} IMG_0790IMG_1836_FotorNOLA_StreetSigned

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