Crave: Lululemon “The Mat”


{is the best}



  • Grippy: the top surface of the mat is made out of a material COMPARABLE to the handle of a tennis racket, it absorbs moisture creating a sticky surface for you to practice any kind of yoga on.

  • COLORFUL: lululemon has a variety of colors online, and if you can’t find your favorite there, check in store.{sometimes there are more colors online, sometimes in store}

  • creative, sleek design: I love that this mat strikingly separates itself from competing brands. the edges are straight,it’s TACTILEly pleasing and the logo is APPROPRIATE {aka not obnoxious.}

  • Reversible: the bottom aimage-1nd the top of the mat have different colors and textures, that you can utilize INTERCHANGEABLY for your preference and practice.

  • customer service: If you ever have any issues with your mat, leave a comment online or call the guest education center and they will help you in no time at all. employees are friendly and sound like they don’t actually mind going to work at a call center.


  • PRICE TAG: sure, it’s $68.00 – but it is well worth it, i could never switch to another brand. image

  • a little stinky: {so what? we are all a little stinky at one time or another, and people still like us?!} it smells like rubber when you first buy it however, it fades with time and use.

  • stains: when the surface gets wet, the mat absorbs the moisture, usually it dries and is never seen again. However, sometimes it doesn’t – but, its character it grows on you.

  1.   Seriously, call or leave a comment if you have trouble it is worth the time and effort it takes to do so.
  2. Don't wear makeup or other products containing oil because they will clog the pores on the mat and cause stains.
  3. Do not use chemicals or any products that might contain oil to clean the mat.

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