Wrapping Up Week 1: The Move & Then Some

Hola to N.o.l.a

This past week I relocated to New Orleans for the summer, I had other options to move to Jackson to work with a prestigious organization, and even Austin to get my yogi on for the summer but, I chose the Crescent City. I am working as a photographer and a writer {go figure!} and I know, I know my blogging has been anything but regular. I am hoping to change that this summer. In the spring I was a blogger baby and now I am setting up camp as A Classy Catastrophe by night and a writer for a local magazine by day.

The Ride: 3 cities in a weekend

Sneak Peak: the best part was this gal.

For how I got through the ride and a review of the lovely hearts that helped me along the way check back later for an in-depth look at podcasts about sex, love, mystery and murder, and a weekend by the bay.

The move

Move-in day was a bit of a nightmare and by that I mean a scratch here, and a bump there a move in one room and out of it an hour later. I initially moved into a great room complete with all the basic furnishings I could ask for as a sublet-er, turns out I moved into the wrong room. I move all my things {alone} to another room that I am sure is also used as a sauna. If you’ve visited this lovely city you know that ‘hot’ and ‘sweltering’ are understatements. So currently I have four fans running at all time and my new style mantra is: wear the least amount of clothes that is socially acceptable. {or something like that}

The nights have certainly been the hardest, I only know enough people in this city to count on one hand, and every little noise and stirring calls out all those times I watched a little too much of “Forensic Files.” So I stay up watching Mad Men and wishing I was Sally Draper or Peggy Olsen, until I am so exhausted that I drift to sleep.

The Job

I love it. That pretty much sums it up.

Currently I am reviewing yoga studios. My life will be consumed by yoga in the coming week, yoga classes many times a day. {Me = happy pretzel}






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