The Only Ring I Want By Spring

I believe {for us fortunate Southerners} that Spring has sprung and Summer is in full bloom. With that, many of us havPhotoe been witness to several engagements followed by weddings of those souls who were engaged in the previous spring. Many women are afraid to say it aloud, and others all too excited to exclaim their desire for a “ring by spring.” {Especially, among Southern millennials this phrase is not by any stretch unfamiliar} College campuses are wired with Springtime Ring-time buzz. {Although as previously confessed, unless we are close enough that you know my full name and I take genuine interest in your life – which I do for all my lovely friends – all I care about is the ring pics.} Lest, we should not forget that not all the rings that are given in spring are engagement rings that symbolize a love and commitment to an other.

This Spring the only ring I wanted was my class ring, a symbol of my hard work and effort and the labors of love given graciously by my family {a commitment to myself and my future.} This ring is a reminder of the time I spent earning my undergraduate degree{s,} the memories that I have shared during college and a marker of the anticipation of graduation. While it is arguable that one’s undergraduate achievements are not the apex of a career, particularly if you go on to earn advanced degrees, I believe it is the cornerstone of these establishments. Speaking to my personal experiences, I don’t think I will grow more in such a {relatively} short amount of time and learn so much as I have in the past four years {aside from when I have kids – that’ll be a learning/growing experience to say the least.} That being said these years have not been sunshine and roses; they represent struggle, late nights, {indefinite} tears, tireless questions in the face of uncertainty, the future, and the present. Who am I? What do I want? How would the person I want to be respond to this? How should I answer?  These are just a few of the questions that have plagued me and pushed me. Fortunately, I am able to view these experiences {with a quasi-Marxist lens} as internal conflict that has driven external consequences that I was able to grow and learn from. Additionally, I am deeply in love with my university for all that it is and is not, I love the brick-laden pathways and buildings, I adore exploring all the secrets nooks of a small, college town, I am seduced by the beauty of learning. Essentially, I am proud of my pain, my life {the good and bad} and where it has brought me. In short, it is this pride and the spirit of indefinite growth and learning that this ring symbolizes.

I encourage you to explore your class ring options that your university may offer {even if you have already graduated you usually remain eligible to purchase one.} Consider what it would mean for you – this year, ten years from now, fifty years..

 I diverged from the traditional style and I couldn’t be happier.

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