CRAVE: Why I Would Rather Have This Over The iWatch…

I recently became interested in purchasing a “smart” watch or activity tracker, when I reminded myself of my New Year’s Resolutions – quantifying my goals. In short, one of my goals is to stay active amidst a hectic schedule {which I’m sure many of you can relate to.} I began my search and of course the iWatch was all the buzz. However, I knew from the beginning that I was uninterested in the iWatch. While the branding, color, and capabilities may be alluring to some, I was repelled. I do not feel the need to be so intimately connected with communication technology. My introvert side would be clamoring for an escape route if I had to immediately respond to every text and take virtually every phone call {why? because you’d have no excuse not to — essentially your phone would be strapped to your wrist, in the form of a fashion forward metallic box.} Plus, it’s nice to have some room to breathe, remember what human existence used to feel like pre-wireless technology, as we are approaching an era when more people will be born not knowing what that existence ever felt like {#sad.}

So if you are like me and find yourself itching for some new gear to help you keep track of your health and fitness related goals – check out the LifeTrak Zone C410. The video on this page will give you a great idea of the capabilities of this LifeTrak, if you don’t prefer to read through the specs. If you do {enjoy,} the LifeTrak Zone C410 can:

  • Read your Heart RatePhoto
  • Count your Steps
  • Track your Sleep 
  • Report the Distance
  • Count the Calories you burn
  • Never Die {just kidding, it will eventually need its battery replaced after about a year, but on the bright side – you don’t have to worry about charging it.}
  • Go Swimming & Take a Shower {waterproof, not just water resistant people, but water proof – a huge perk for a frequent swimmer and shower-er such as myself.}
  • Send all this good stuff to your phone {from your wrist straight to your phone via the beauty of Bluetooth technology.}
  • Change Colors! {you can buy many different color bands to match your mood or you can even opt for the standardized white/pink version the LifeTrack Zone C410W ~ because you know the W stands for Women and of course because of gender socialization and the widespread diffusion of gender roles women are associated with all of the pink.}
  • Be a lot cheaper {$54, free shipping – win & win} IF you buy it from Amazon.
  • Quantify your Goals – you can set you a goal for nearly any setting that is listed above. {I have set a goal for the number of steps I take a day, and my hours of sleep. I recommend you don’t set these immediately if you haven’t used an activity tracker before, see how many steps you have at the end of a normal day and maybe set a goal of 1000 steps more or adjust your goals to be realistic based on your routine.}

{one of my new favorite everyday accessories}

I opted for the black and blue version of the LifeTrak, for no other reason than because I prefer a black watch {although I am craving to test out some of the other colored bands.} I choose this activity tracker specifically because I wanted it to have a face, and at least tell the time. Many of the competing brands like the FitBit, and the Jawbone do not have faces and I did not want something that looked like plastic bracelet. I highly recommend the LifetTrack, they offer a variety of other options on their website, which is linked above, if you prefer something more or less high tech. The LifeTrak Zone C410 is A) easy to set up B) easy to work C) easy to integrate into your daily routine {you’ll be surprised how many steps you take, calories you burn and miles you’ve walked all without hitting the gym, and how many more you do when you go the extra mile at the gym, at home or at the park.}

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