My Weekly Cleaning Routine

{disclaimer: you should know the title is a somewhat of a metaphor because I still have clothes, shoes and my yoga mat scattered about my floor}

Each week, I find it makes life a little bit easier {and who couldn’t use to make their life a little easier?} to take stock, to clean-up, organize and prioritize – in your home, heart and head. Pick a day of the week to do this, for me it is usually Sunday, sometimes Monday, depending on my work schedule. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, the time can change week to week or stay the same, if that helps you. Ultimately, I find it is helpful and makes the roller coaster ride that life can so often turn into, more of a kiddie coaster that still twists and turns, but doesn’t put the fear of God in your stomach.

In Your Home

  • Organize: Contrary to my disclaimer, I do clean up, and it is usually once or twice a week. For the other five to six days of the week, I let it go – I am so busy that I become part of the mess that clutters my living space. {That is not to say that I am a messy person, I am a neat messy. I keep things functionally disorganized – my planner is pristine and my work impeccable, and my piles on the floor have a purpose.} Set a timer for 30 minutes, and clean up, it works, you’ll be amazed at what you can get done and how it makes you feel ready to tackle the week. {The short of it: Set a 30 minute timer, and clean.}
  • Prioritize: On that note, don’t try to do everything in 30 minutes, do what needs to get done, simple tasks. For me, I dust, clean up my sink area that gets littered with my makeup, put away my clothes with the help of a wrinkle releaser, change my sheets, pick up whats on the floor, gather trash and set it aside to take out. {The short of it: Don’t start big projects.}

In Your Heart

  • Take Stock: I love my Emily Ley Simplified Planner because it provides a space for this at the end of each week, to write down “A happy memory from this week…” You can write it down in a planner, notebook, journal or don’t write it down just mentally mull it over. Thinking of a happy memory or maybe a memory that made me grow a little each week does many things. A) It helps me remember my week {try it out, what did you do last week, specifically Wednesday? Props to you if you remember, but if you’re like me all I have is a general idea – I know I worked and went to class that’s about it.}  B) It brings out the silver lining to a busy, hectic life {that a perpetualIMG_8564 pessimist – like myself – could really use to remember} C) It’ll bring a smile to your face when you look back, and help you appreciate the little things. {The short of it: Remind yourself of a good memory from the past week.}
  • Clean Up: Sometimes, I find myself taking the easy route, and holding on to things I shouldn’t, things that would benefit me more if I let them go. I control what I worry about, cry over, laugh and smile at – no one else can do that. If I hold on to negative feelings they will do nothing but hurt me. So take time to decompress, as my yoga instructor says: “Recognize what thoughts come into your mind, acknowledge them and how they make you feel, and let them go.” {Insert me, in child’s pose, visualizing my thoughts poofing away like a cloud of smoke.} If you’re someone that derives peace in the bible try this devotion: She Reads Truth it’s aesthetically and spiritually pleasing, or try my latest read that gives you some universal love and comfort, “Peace Is Every Step” by Thich Nhat Hanh {The short of it: Let it go.}

In Your Head 

  • Organize & Prioritize: Plan ahead for the week, don’t include things on your to-do list that don’t need to be there. You know you better than anyone else, manage the tasks ahead of you in a way that works for you that you can get done. This will make the unexpected projects or assignments, more manageable. You can’t plan for everything, but when you plan what you can know in a way that works for you that can get done it makes the unexpected workable. {The short of it: Plan ahead.}
  • Take Stock: After all of the above, do something for you. When I have taken stock in what I have, what I have to do and the space I have to do it in, I do something for myself. If you live waiting for someone else to appreciate you, you’ll be sorely disappointed – so don’t wait – if you don’t appreciate yourself here and now no one else will. {Plus – why not?} Say thank you to yourself for all that you’re able to do! {only you can do you!!!} For me it’s yoga, my happy place 🙂 {The short of it: Show yourself some love, do something that makes you happy.}

** Side Note: Coffee Helps **

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