10 Things

  1. If you still think my name is Sarah or that I am remotely comfortable being called that then we probably aren’t actually friends.

  2. I change phone cases every two weeks.

  3. Yogi {in training.}

  4. Family first, always.

  5. Current favorite scent: lavender.

  6. I am a freak for antiques.

  7. I love alliterations. {Fiercely Feminist}

  8. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are nice to someone they actually really dislike. {be authentic}

  9. I collect my tickets from movies, trips, plays, etc.

  10. Current favorite color – pale yellow.

{ I challenge you to make your own list, it’s truly a thought-provoking process. Think about the aspects that truly define you at this stage in your life, things that make you happy, that you love, that you hate, that speak to who you are. Sometimes, we ┬ádon’t think about this often enough. The definition of y-o-u may change every day, you may go through stages or you may be more consistent – either way the more often you think about it, the better you know who you are – the easier it is to be authentically you all the time and stand up for yourself when the going gets tough.}

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