CRAVE: The Amazon Kindle

Here’s something I never thought I would say: “I {absolutely} love my kindle.”

open kindle

I never liked the idea of an e-reader, I love books. The way they smell, the way different types of pages feel, hardbacks, paper-backs, I adore everything about them. I love buying books {usually I buy more than I can read.} My bookcase and its contents are my treasures. {You get the point.} So, I never thought I would enjoy something like a kindle {but I do.}

kindle coverkindle boxPRO:

  • PRICE!!!!! {During the month of March – National Reading Month – the Kindle is discounted from its original price of $79 to $59. This is a STEAL! You get a great, quality product for less than a $100. Because it was so cheap, I was able to buy a protective cover, that is also excellent, made out of great material.Worth every penny!} 
  • Size {As a double major, many of my classes require heavy loads of reading. My backpack is often clogged with books, so the size appealed to me. It can alleviate much of the weight that my books add to my load. It can also easily fit in a purse, or any bag for that matter.}kindle size
  • Display {The display quality is impeccable, it is easy on the eyes, a welcome break from the constant brightness offered by iPhones and iPads. The touchscreen aspect is better than I expected it to be, it is sensitive enough to detect a purposeful touch, but not too sensitive that an accidental touch changes the screen and becomes annoying.}
  • Purpose {Reading! I have an iPad, so I was unsure about getting the Kindle. However, I think it is a good investment to have both. Their purpBook Cover Kindleoses are very different. When you are on the iPad, you are reading, playing games, answering e-mails, facetiming, taking pictures, listening to music, etc. When you use the Kindle, you are reading.}
  • Storage {This product can hold thousands of books
  • Wifi Abilities {The kindle includes an experimental browser, that is great for surfing the web and reading articles online.}


  • It doesn’t have the old or new book smell. Additionally, it does not look as nice on my bookshelf as my antique books. 

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