A Case For Journaling

5 Reasons why you should journal: {jot, daydream, ponder, mull, write}

  1. It is the cheapest form of therapy {let it out! Often times when I need to make a decision or I don’t know exactly how I feel about something I write about it and it quickly becomes clearer. When you write out your thoughts, instead of keeping them in your head you are forced to formulate (whole) ideas. Try it, you won’t regret it}
  2. Buying a journal is fun! {There are countless stores that offer a wide selection of journals, different covers, textures, page styles (oh my!) My personal favorite brand is Moleskine. I currently use their large, black leather, blank page journal. I love the blank pages because whether I feel like drawing, writing or scratching I have the space to create what I want it to be.}
  3.  Set your standards, make lists {lists can help you brainstorm, plan, budget, it’s never too late. 🙂 }
  4. Oh the memories.. {you can preserve the good times and the bad times, even if you think you want to forget something or remember something you’ll be grateful you wrote it down. It’s fun to turn back the pages and see how you’ve changed, you’ll smile at the good memories, laugh at who you used to have a crush on, capture the feelings the made October 16, 2012 the best day ever.}
  5.  Define yourself {start writing even if you don’t have a specific topic in mind, see where it takes you and you’ll get to know yourself a bit better. On the other hand, you might give yourself a topic, start writing and see where you stand.}

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