Your Other Half Doesn’t Exist: Happy Valentine’s Day

PSA: Your Other Half Doesn’t Exist {in other news..}

Happy Valentine’s Day


With engagement season slowly coming to a close and wedding season on its heels, we are all familiar with the “he/she completes me….so glad I finally found my other half…so happy I get to marry my best friend” sentiments. {Raise your hand if you’re tired of reading it, yeah me too}


Don’t get me wrong I am happy if you’re happy, and my guilty pleasure is creeping for pictures of your engagement ring.


I just want to point out one thing. The ever so searched for “one” isn’t your other half. Girls who say this are probably in desperate need of something to fill all the space that is unoccupied due to their lack of personality and security in being alone for any period of time. Newsflash: You are a whole person.  {thanks, but no thanks no other half-s needed)


There is so much value in finding love in your best friend. However, there is MORE value and satisfaction in finding love in yourself. Knowing yourself is the first step. Getting to know yourself is easiest via personality quizzes that litter the internet. However, it is the most fruitful when faced with a challenge. Go somewhere by yourself for a day, or maybe take a trip alone. Some people are so afraid of even going to the movies, or a restaurant and {god forbid right?} being seen alone! It is a breath of fresh air to enjoy your own company, take time to breathe and think your own thoughts, and prioritize. According to a recent project I took part in called, The Bored and Brilliant Project, {includes daily challenges to encourage boredom and creativity, while curbing our phone usage…try it!!} boredom and self-reflection spurs auto-biographical planning. This kind of self-reflective thought is positive for our psyche, in that it answers the ultimate question “what am I doing with my life?”


You are whole. You don’t need anyone to complete you, rather someone that compliments you. {I don’t mean someone that tells you that you’re pretty all the time- although that would be an added bonus}  Someone that brings out the best in you, and accentuates it with their best. Think about it if you are only bringing a 1/2 to the table then 1/2 + 1/2 = 1  but 1 whole + 1 = 2, 2 > 1. So even according to mathematics it is more valuable to have two whole persons that do not comprise a whole, but something even greater.


You don’t NEED anyone, love is about wanting to be with someone so much, that you can’t imagine living life without them. Love is not love if you’re not able to express your whole self. I hope I didn’t burst your bubble about finding your “other half.” {actually I hope I did :)} Get to know yourself better and love yourself a little more this Valentine’s Day. {Go ahead get your favorite discounted candy, and don’t feel guilty about it}

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