Thanks for Sharing

We are all addicts.. 

Thanks to Thanks For Sharing, I got thinking about addictions. Thanks For Sharing is a charming movie about sex addiction {keep reading} featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, Josh Gad, Alecia Moore {Pink}, and many others. {I give it ★★★★★ it is on Netflix, go watch it!} Upon reading the description on Netflix, I was weary about watching a movie about sex addiction but, I am a huge Gwyn and Mark fan, so I took the plunge. When you hear the phrase “sex addict” our judgment hats tend to go on autopilot and jump to conclusions. This movie got me thinking about addictions of all kinds and I realized that no one is free from addictions.

 “Thanks For Sharing” Trailer

We are all addicted to something {or someone}. Sure, we don’t all need to go to meetings or join a 12-step program. We have habits we can’t break, guilty pleasures, and personality flaws. If you think you’re free of such things, it just proves you are, in fact, addicted {they say denial is the first sign J}. We are all dependent on something or someone, and sometimes that’s okay. Addictions don’t always have to be negative. It’s time to recognize what we are addicted to, what role it plays in our daily life, and learn something about yourself that a personality quiz won’t ever tell you.


….. if its someone {express gratitude or maybe run away} something {What does that tell you about yourself? Why do you need it so much?}


I am addicted to my friends, at the end of the day I wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t spent 5+ years of my life with them in school.


I am addicted to my planner. I wouldn’t know which way is up, what’s next or where to go. I owe much of my success to the ability to organize my life. {I guess that makes me a little type A and possibly a control freak}


I am addicted to coffee, I drink it every day. I don’t drink soda, it is pretty much my only source of caffeine. {Lesson: I stay up way too late at night, I am a night owl, I probably don’t know what’s good for me and when a nap would be more efficient than spending $5 at the local coffee shop.}


I am addicted to my foundation/concealer. {insecure}


I am addicted to personality quizzes! Because they have become so popular lately they have gotten a bad rep, but I love them. {selfish, easily bored?}


What are your addictions and what to they tell you ?

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