“Pics Or It Didn’t Happen” – Our Obsession With Picture Proof

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…Oh My!

We have all been asked to hold someone’s iphone {food for thought: when’s the last time it was an actual camera?} and snap a photo for them. However, we have all probably been on the other side of that equation as well. It seems like no matter where we go, there is a certain compulsion to take a photo; {A-ha moment} not just to take the photo, but to post it.

On any given day you can scroll through your newsfeed rather on facebook, twitter, ect. and probably see at least one picture if not more depicting food, gym time, work, selfies, friends, travel…{and the list goes on depending on what kind of friends you have} Why is it that virtually everyone with a smartphone feels the need to post such basic elements of our existence?

The purpose of this piece isn’t to criticize the movement of avid iphone photographers, semi-professional pic-stichers, and neophyte photoshoppers {because I myself am guilty}. It’s just a little reminder of how awesome it used to be{and IS} to have private {and no, it doesn’t count if your Instagram is on private} things.

Remember when you were a kid, how cool was it to make up secret handshakes, forts, and clubs?! Your 9 year old self would never have dreamed of breaking the bonds of the clubhouse walls invoked by the {sacred} secret handshake. Why does the tradition end when we get smartphones? Next time you go out take all the pictures you want, but don’t post them; keep them as a reminder of good people and good times. Perhaps, frame it and instead of counting likes, count how many times it makes you smile when you see it because no one else in the world shares that memory. The memories you share with your loved ones are unique, the moments that created the laughter, smiles or poses are yours. So next time cherish the memories and not so much the notifications telling you that someone liked your photo. Don’t ‘look cute’ because someone might take a picture that the whole world might see, enjoy the moment and worry less about capturing it. #countsmilesnotlikes

2 thoughts on ““Pics Or It Didn’t Happen” – Our Obsession With Picture Proof

  1. I’ve only read three of your articles so far and I’m already convinced we’re soul mates. Ha! Seriously, such catchy headlines, great topics and witty writing. I know we’re not counting likes but these stories should have TONS.

    Liked by 1 person

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