Resolutions: Here Today, Here To Stay

It is still January, so I am still in the safe-zone to talk about New Year’s Resolutions. Something that I must admit I did not appreciate at all, until recently. In fact, before this moment {which I will get to} I thought New Year’s Resolutions were somewhat of a table topic for families {like going around the table at thanksgiving and saying what you are grateful for}, a cliché, something you think of with good intentions, but forget by March.

Light bulb Moment: I was at dinner with friends, a dinner that I actually wanted to be at, with friends I enjoy sharing conversation and laughs with. As opposed to the outings, we all know exist that we would rather re-live a day in middle school than go to, yet we go anyway {WHY?!}. One of my friends turns to me and says: “What do you want for this year?” I was caught off guard. I have long-term goals, lots of them. I sit there for a second, and he repeats himself “What do you want to do this year?” Switch – the light is on.

I love planning I am planning, organizing, calendar geek. I have a plan. I know what I want. As I mentioned, I have goals for the far-away future. The question “What do you want for this year?” rings in my mind. Each year we progress, our lives change sometimes in small ways, sometimes in ways that the you of 2010 would never recognize or believe. The light bulb moment I had illuminated something I was blind to: potential. There lies so much potential when you set goals for yourself. Your motivation increases when your goals take the shape of words written on a page or on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror. When you write something down, you are more likely to remember it. I can achieve so much when I remember to do it! {Such a simple thought}

Before this moment, I always knew I wanted to get better, to improve my life, to do well in whatever I choose. Without goals we are all working but we do not know what we are working for, other than to be better, to progress. But, how much better? Is better just a step up from where we were before, or is it five steps up and a sharp turn to the right?

Resolutions are the lens to your dreams. We can see the future but, regardless of the best-laid plans it is always foggy, {let’s face it: who really knows what they want?} resolutions make that fuzzy picture a little clearer.

Here’s mine:

  1. Make a 4.0 this semester {be the best at what you do}
  2. Think less about what “they” think and more about what you think
  3. Leave the country {go somewhere you’ve never been}
  4. Treat your loved ones with love
  5. Work out, at least three times a week
  6. Don’t let your wardrobe reflect your affiliations, at least three times a week {If it says the name of a school, organization, team, band ect. – don’t wear it, put on something that reflects you without the obvious labels that t-shirts render}

Short-term goals and the list isn’t finished. Don’t let your New Year’s Resolutions end in January. Make new resolutions all the time and keep the old ones – building is a process that can not move forward without adding new materials to the old. So…what do you want for this year?

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